8 - 13 Sepember 2018 Operation Avalanche Tour 75th Anniversary of the Landing in Salerno

75th anniversary of the landing in SALERNO - OPERATION AVALANCHE TOUR 

Dear visitor,

9th september 2018 will be an important page in our common history. If your relative landed in Salerno or if you are a WW2 buffs this is a special occasion not to be missed. Join now for your Memorial tour to Salerno to pay your respect to the fallen and to learn more about one of the least remembered episode of WW2. 

I will be happy to customize the tour for relatives of Veterans following the movements of his unit. Pre tour and After tour can be organized on requests for specific battlefields.  I will lead directly the tours and I will be happy to organize for you transfers from/to Airport.  Naples is the closed airport but also Rome is very well connected with Salerno.

Please contact me for a detailed itinerary and price information: danila.bracaglia@gmail.com or call me +39 338 2458831

Dr Danila Bracaglia


8TH September  2018

welcome to Salerno, Introduction about the Italian Campaign 1943-1945

Welcome Dinner

Accommdation in Salerno area

9th September 2018

Commemoration of the landing in Salerno

(detailed program to follow)

Visit the American battlefields: Altavilla, the tobacco factories, the beaches of the Landings and WW2 Museum with 3d Reconstruction of the landing in Eboli.

Accommodation in Salerno area

10th September 2018

Visit the British Battlefields in Pontecagnano-Battipaglia, the airport of Monte Corvino and the Commonwealth Cemetery

Visit the Historican center of Salerno and WW2 museum

Accommodation in Salerno area

11th September 2019

Visit the Excavation of Pompeii

Visit the amphitheater of Capua with the Gladiator Museum

Accommodation in Naples area

12th September 2019

Visit the Royal Palace of Caserta, headquarter of 5th Army, where on 2nd May 1945 the German Army surrendered to the Allies.

Accommodation in Naples area

13th September 2019

Transfer to the airport for your final destination or extention of the Memorial Tour to Monte Cassino, Anzio and Rome available on request.