85th and 88th US Divisions: Operation Diadem from Cassino to the liberation of Rome


Operation Diadem: the battle for  Rome.

On 11th May 1944 at 11 pm was launched  Operation DiademFour corps were employed in the attack and 1600 cannons started the last battle of Cassino. The battles for Cassino were considered the battle for Rome. In May 1944 after months of fighting Alexander realized that he needed overwhealming forces to break the Gustav Line. 

In this tour you will learn more about the attack on the western sector of the Gustav line. Following the footsteps of the US 85th and 88th Division  from the west coast  we will advance to  Borgo Grappa where the two divisions joined with the rest of the 5th Army of Mark Clark and advanced to Rome, the first Capital in Europe to fall to the Allies. 

Personalised Battlefield Tour

Please, let me know in advance, If you have relatives/friends who fought in Italy as I am willing to make researches to pin point where they fought. Send me as much information as you can and I will tailor-made your tour according to your specific interest and timeframe.


  • Easy train ride from Roma Termini, pick up at the train station of Cassino or Minturno by historian and profossional guide, ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with a large monitor to enjoy footage of the battles, pictures then and now and presentations while en route to the various sites.
  • Visit Minturno, Tremensuoli, hill 66 and 69 and San Domenico Ridge
  • Visit Terracina and Sabaudia as well as the highground advancing to Rome.
  • WW2 Museum at Piana delle orme
  • Anzio and Nettuno battlefields with the Sicily Rome American Cemetery
  • Visit the sites of the  and the liberation of Rome.
  • Complimentary food and wine tastings.
  • All entrance tickets to sites and museums
  • personalized itinerary according to your interests and timeframe