8 MUST VISIT PLACES: Battlefields, Memorials and Monuments on the GUSTAV LINE

‘A Nation that forgets its past has no future.’ 

These words by Winston Churchill could not be more appropriate to describe the Italian Campaign.

It is difficult for anyone who has not been here to comprehend the true nature of these battles. Some of the greatest confrontations with the enemy during the Second World War were fought during the four battles to secure Monte Cassino, the linchpin of the Germans’ Gustav Line set up to defend their occupation of Rome. 

The four battles for Monte Cassino in Italy took place between January and May 1944. They saw the Allied Forces involved in some of the most bitter fighting of the Second World War, where steep mountain slopes and winter weather were combined with the German defenders’ determination and skill. 

The battles involved troops from America, Britain, Canada, Tunisia, Marocco, Algerie, India, Nepal, New Zealand and Poland in fighting that compared in its intensity and horror with the battles of the Western Front in the First World War. 

Hitler was determined to contest every inch of ground and had directed his commander in Italy, Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, to construct a defensive line 100 miles south of Rome known as the Gustav Line, which ran across the Apennine mountain chain. It was country that was ideal for defence. The high ground, either side of the Liri Valley through which passed Route 6, the major road from Naples to Rome, barred the Allies’ advance northward. 

Personalised Battlefield tour.

Please, let me know in advance, If you have relatives/friends who fought in Italy as I am willing to make researches to pin point where they fought. Send me as much information as you can and I will tailor-made your tour according to your specific interest and timeframe.


  • Pick up at the train station or at your Hotel in Cassino and sorrounding area by your local guide and ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with a large monitor to enjoy footage of the battles, pictures then and now and presentations while en route to the various sites.
  • Experience the best view of the modern-day city of Cassino and the surrounding area, from the top of Monte Cassino
  • Learn about the history of the Abbey, centre of the European culture since the middle age
  • Take in the fantastic art and architectural style of the Basilica in the Abbey
  • Pay respect to the Fallen visiting the war memorials
  • Complimentary food and wine tastings.
  • All entrance tickets to sites and monuments.
  • For detailed itinerary and cost information please email: danila.bracaglia@gmail.com

Optional Day Tour:

·  Tour n. 2 : BREAKING THE WINTER LINE: Monte Lungo, San Pietro Infine and Monte Camino