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The Battle of Anzio was a nightmarish. In Its pure awfulness it stands comparison of any other italian battle of the Italian campaign. Over four months the Allies lost 7,000 killed and 36,000 wounded or missing (totalling one third of the total VI Corps strength) and a further 44,000 non-battle casualties who were hospitalised due to injuries and sickness.  German losses were at least as heavy.  But whilst these statistics alone are suggestive of a ferocious battle, they fail to do justice to the intensity of the fighting.  For a fuller picture one needs to consider that around 300,000 troops, together with the guns and fighting machines gave battle along a mere sixteen miles of front.'

Lloyd Clark, Anzio, the friction of war.  Headline Books 2006.

Our Memorial tour takes us on a moving and emotional trip, covering OPERATION SHINGLE (started 22nd January 1944) planned by Winston Churchill in order to bypass the Gustav Line and divert German troops from Cassino.

Special emphasis on specific locations, battle grounds, cemeteries and statistical information will be personally customized according to your nationality. If you have a family connection we will be glad to make the researches for you to follow the footsteps of your dear ones.

We will visit the Port of Anzio, the beaches of the landings and pay a visit to the war cemeteries: the commonwealth war cemeteries and the Sicily Rome American Cemetery. The tour include also the visit o one of f the largest WWII collection in Europe located some 30 miles south of Anzio.

The Piana delle Orme museum is a great museum with reconstruction of the Italian Campaing from North Africa to Rome and diaromas in grand scale collected by one person and testimonial today of the second world war in Italy.


  • Pick up at Nettuno train station or at your hotel in Anzio, Nettuno or sorroundings
  • Full day tour 7 hours 
  • The Port of Anzio and the beach of the landings
  • Tor Caldara to see the fox holes used by the British Soldiers
  • Cisterna and the Memorial of Isolabella site of the battles of US Darby Ranger on 31 January 1944
  • Bosco di Foglino and Padiglione Wood
  • The town of Aprilia known by the Allies as The Factory
  • The Museum of Piana delle Orme: the largest WWII collection in Europe

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* It is always advisable to wear comfortable shoes and clothing on day tours.