BREAKING THE HITLER LINE: Maple Leaf Tour, the Canadians in the Liri Valley

In May 1944, Canadian soldiers fought one of the bloodiest battles of World War II as they cleared the way through the Liri Valley enabling the Allies to take Rome.

By May 18, the Polish Corps had taken the Abbey of Monte Cassino, the anchor of the German Gustav Line, enabling the British 8th Army and supporting Allied forces, led by the First Canadian Infantry Division and British and Canadian tanks on May 23, to smash the Adolf Hitler (Senger) Line, one of the most heavily-fortified line that the Allies faced during the Italian Campaign. 

The line was fortified, not only by barbed wire and other defenses, but by numerous machine gun and 75 mm guns (Panzerturm) emplaced in concrete. 

Suffering their heaviest losses of the Italian Campaign, the Canadians, from Pontecorvo to Aquino in the Liri Valley, led the breakthrough of the Hitler Line, making way for the 5th Canadian Armoured Division to cross the Melfa River on May 24-25, where Major Jack Mahony of the Royal Westminster Regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross for valour, thus opening the Road to Rome for the Allies. 

You will learn about this great Canadian victory, having met and talked directly with Canadians veterans who foght and Motne Cassino on 65th and 70th anniversary of the battle and we will do all the advance from Monte Cassino to Frosinone, my hometown liberated by the Canadians on 31st May 1944.


  • Pick at the train station or at your Hotel in Cassino and sorrounding area by your local guide and ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with a large monitor to enjoy footage of the battles, pictures then and now and presentations while en route to the various sites.
  • Visit monuments and plaques of famous battlefields in the Liri vatlley such as: Aquino, Pontecorvo, Ceprano, Melfa River crossing, Torrice Crossroads. 
  • Complimentary food and wine tastings.
  • Visit remaining of German defensive positions and tobruks.
  • All entrance tickets to sites and monuments.
  • Drop off at Frosinone train Station to catch your train back to Rome or to your final destination.
  • Tailor-made itinerary to suit your requests and interests and timeframe.

Optional Day Tour:

·  Tour n. 1 Monte Cassino Battlefield Tour


for detailed itinerary and cost information.