BREAKING THE WINTER LINE: Monte Lungo, Monte La Defensa, San Pietro Infine, Monte Camino

After the Salerno landing (8th september 1943), the liberation of Naples (1st October 1943) , leading elements crossed the Volturno river, November 3, 1943, and swung North.  Here the Allied had to face an other difficult obstacle. There was another range ahead and these mountains were among the most rugged in Italy. The cold, penetrating rain splattered unceasingly. There began the battle of the men, mud, mules and mountains.

The Germans had established a well-defended, prepared line, about 15 kms south of Cassino called by the Germans the Reinhardt or Bernhardt line, while the Allied called it the Winter line as they fought here in the winter months of november and december 1943.

The  WINTER LINE stretched across Mignano Gap, with key defenses on Mt. Camino-Maggiore, Mt. Lungo, San Pietro and Mt. Sammucro. Each of the mountain fastnesses had to be painfully reduced before San Pietro fell. Then the Germans dropped back to the line of the Rapido and Cassino.

It was their intention to hold off the Allied advance at this line for winter. Continuous snow and rain, extremely difficult terrain and constant enemy observation made the fighting exceptionally severe. We will visit some of the highpoints strongly held by the German defenders such as Monte Sammucro with the ruins of the village of San Pietro Infine, Monte lungo with the italian war cemetery. After the armistice the Italian Army existed no more but 5000 volunteers regrouped  here to fight along the 36th Texas division in the battle of San Pietro.  We will continue our tour with Rocca d'Evandro and learn about the British soldiers who caputured the town with heavy lossees. 


  • Pick up at the train station or at your Hotel in Cassino and sorrounding area by your local guide and ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with a large monitor to enjoy footage of the battles, pictures then and now and presentations while en route to the various sites.
  • Visit the war museum and cemetery of Mignano Monte Lungo
  • Light trekking on Monte Camino to visit the memorial to the 201 Guard Brigade
  • visit the ruins of the old village of San Pietro above the modern town, and review the destruction, troop actions and the German scorched earth policy of the battle that took place
  • Pay respect to the Fallen visiting the war memorials
  • Complimentary food and wine tastings.
  • All entrance tickets to sites and monuments.
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Optional Day Tour:

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