DR DANILA BRACAGLIA hired by BBC as Historian of the battle of Montecassino

My Grandad's war, produced by BBC with the participation as Local Historian of the Battle of Monte Cassino of Dr Danila Bracaglia. 

I am proud to have be chosen by the BBC  as  Local Historian of the Battle of Monte Cassino for the production of a documentary shown on 11th November 2019 on BBC1. 

I am glad I gave my contribution to promote the knowledge of the Battle of Monte Cassino. One of the bloodiest battle of WW2 and yet one of the least remembered pages of WW2

In the past 12 years I have been doing research for relatives of veterans who want to follow the footsteps of their dear ones in the Italian Campaign. 

There is much still to learn about the Italian Campaign of WW2, book one of my tour and I will be glad to customize the experience in the footsteps of your dear ones.