KEEP THEIR SPIRIT ALIVE: Tour In the footsteps of the Heroes of Monte Cassino!

Their stories are not written on books, they are the forgotten heroes of the Italian campaign. 

The story of common soldiers who wrote such an important page of our common history and were awarded for gallantry, for risking their lives for our freedom until the ultimate sacrifice. Honor their memories, learn their stories of Men who went above and beyond the call of duties. 

They were awarded medals of honors, Victoria crosses and I want you to learn hear their voices, to learn their stories, to follow their footsteps and to understand that without them our present would be completely different. 

THEY ARE THE FORGOTTEN HEROES OF THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN: Their names deserve to be known, their deeds to be learned!

I was honored by the American cemetery in Nettuno to receive the American flag flown over the sacred ground of the cemetery  to have given my contribution to keep the Memory and Spirit alive of the Soldiers who died in WW2 in Italy. 

I want you to know their stories, their deeds, their faces, their sacrifice, they are not numbers but our Heroes. 

I made research and found out the exact places where they fought and earned the Medal of Honors, Victoria crosses, join this tour learn their amazing stories.

They did not feel  heroes, if you heard them speaking they were simply doing their duty!


  • Pick up at your accommodation in Cassino or at the train station, ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with a large monitor to enjoy slideshow then and now.
  • Full day tour (6  hours)
  • Professional guide specialized in WW2 Tours
  • Learn about  the heroic deeds of common soldiers
  • Complimentary wine and food tasting.
  • Personalized itinerary according to your interests and timeframe
  • For detailed itinerary and cost information please email: Dr Danila Bracaglia