Unedited painting of Monte Cassino made in 1944 by a German war artist

Unedited painting of Monte Cassino abbey  painted in 1944 which I found  during some of my research in an US Military Archive.

The title of the painting is “German Machine Gunners  in the Cloister” painted By Herbert Agricola,  a German war artist. 

The first time I heard his name was about 10 years ago from Don Germano  a Benedictine monk of Monte Cassino who, 1n 1943,  was a 13 years old student of the Noble College of Monte Cassino.

He told me about the German painter because after the war, in 1951 he sent back to Monte Cassino the painting of the Assumption of Mary, after having restored it.  A painting that dates back to end of XVIII century by Paolo De Matthias. Herbert found it in the rubble and saved it.

At that time I did not know that Herbert Agricola during a visit to Monte Cassino in early 1944, made a watercolor of the German paratroopers using the monastery as defensive position. I found out only by chance during my studies and I want to share online for the first time this amazing paiting.

In this watercolor Herbert presented a different view of the Abbey. Here itis not a target or a tragic ruin but a defensive outpost .

Herbert Agricola  was born in Nurnberg on 7th May 1912 and died in 1998, Munchen at the age of 86.

He made other paintings and drawings during WW2  first in Stalingrad and then in Italy.

The watercolor of Cassino is an unedited painting and  for the the first time is avaialbe online th

Presumably it had been painted after the bombing of Monte Cassino on 15th February 1944 and before the bombing of the town of Cassino on 15th March 1944. In a letter written by Herbert Agricola he wrote that went to visit the famous abbey of Monte Cassino after it had been bombed.