Customer Reviews WW2 Tours

25th December 2015

Danila Bracaglia is uniquely qualified to tailor your historic tour based on your special interest especially including the experiences of your father, grandfather, uncle, or other loved one who was involved in the Italian campaign of World War II. She has been granted special access to the military archives of the armies that were in action during the Monte Cassino / Anzio series of battles. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable concerning even the minutest details concerning this important portion of history. While anyone can drive you up to the Abbey, only Danila can show you the route taken and the obstacles encountered by your family member.

I know this is true by personal experience. I have been a history teacher for more than thirty years. I have read and studied a great deal about World War II. Yet I learned more during my day with Danila than I had ever thought possible. Both my father and my wife’s father were involved in the Monte Cassino and Anzio battles. Through Danila’s research we were literally able to walk in their footsteps and encounter the Monte Casino area the way that they had done.

It is with great enthusiasm that I whole heartedly recommend Danila Bracaglia’s Monte Cassino tours for you and your family. You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Steven Meeker

Montgomery, Texas, USA

13th september 2015

Thank you for your time and patience during the tour. It was fascinating and you must have been absolutely exhausted at the end. Your mothers cooking is now a "tour legend" story and she will no doubt soon be world famous !!

I have compiled a file of photographs (including those on your Facebook pages) and am just waiting for some my brother in law John took on his mobile phone that he is sending to me to complete it. I'll send you a copy when it's complete for your "Records".

... and lastly, a special message from Andrew who really enjoyed the whole trip and especially the two days with you :-)

 "Thank you Danila for showing us the spectacular views, especially those overlooking where the fighting took place, and the beautifully kept cemeteries. It was very interesting to see where my grand dad fought and what he had to do in the service of his Regiment (and the picnics were good to). I hope to see you again sometime.
In the meantime, please pass all of our thanks on to your colleagues who looked after/helped us so much (Ennio & his Mum, Toni (hotel), Franco & Dave @ Jaspers, the monastery (special) guide, the farmer with the "gate key").
We originally came to get an appreciation of what my father had experienced and we left with a wonderful and lasting memory of beauty, hardship, destruction, and the hope and achievement of a friendly and generous people. Your tour surpassed all our expectations and the whole experience will never be forgotten.

22nd June 2015

Hi Danila,

It was wonderful to see the actual places we have talked and read about for so long. Thanks to you, we can now better understand the geography and the terrain. But despite trying very hard we will never be able to fully appreciate the conditions, the noise, the fear and the horrors witnessed by those young men, many at the beginning of their lives. Very many thanks for your energetic and detailed descriptions about the War and about Italian life in general. We loved our 2 entertaining days with you and especially wish to thank you for getting the key to enable us to see the Abbey from point 593 and the Polish tank at the Farm. .

Stephen and Jytte, Norwich England