DR DANILA BRACAGLIA: Professional Guide Historian & Researcher
"Transforming a passion into a job and a job into a mission"  Hello Everyone, I am Danila, a battlefield guide, specializing in the Italian campaign and in particular the Anzio, Cassino and Rome battlefields.I am uniquely qualified to tailor your historic tour based on your special interest including the experiences of your father, grandfather, uncle, or other loved one who was involved in the Italian campaign of World War Two. I have a
PILGRIMAGE TOUR: 16 – 20 May 2019The Allies landed in the Italian mainland on 9th September 1943, coinciding with the surrender of the Italians who then re-entered the war on the Allied side. Allied objectives were to draw German troops from the Russian front and more particularly from France, where the Normandy offensive was planned for the following year. The Allies were to push northward on two fronts. On the Western front, the US
FROM TEXAS TO ROME: Following the footsteps of the T-Patchers, 36th Texas Division
From Texas to Rome is the title of the book based on the Journal of  Maj. General  Fred Walker commander of the Division. We will follow their footstpes and learn about the bravery and the difficulties encountered by the brave Texans in the Italian campaign: from the landing in Salerno on 9th September 1943 to the liberation of Rome on 4th June 1944.  Learn about the Veteran's stories, whom I met and talked in the last 10 years of touring.Pers
BREAKING THE WINTER LINE: Monte Lungo, Monte La Defensa, San Pietro Infine, Monte Camino
After the Salerno landing (8th september 1943), the liberation of Naples (1st October 1943) , leading elements crossed the Volturno river, November 3, 1943, and swung North.  Here the Allied had to face an other difficult obstacle. There was another range ahead and these mountains were among the most rugged in Italy. The cold, penetrating rain splattered unceasingly. There began the battle of the men, mud, mules and mountains.The German
BREAKING THE GUSTAV LINE: Montecassino Battlefield Tours
‘A Nation that forgets its past has no future.’  These words by Winston Churchill could not be more appropriate to describe the Italian Campaign.It is difficult for anyone who has not been here to comprehend the true nature of these battles. Some of the greatest confrontations with the enemy during the Second World War were fought during the four battles to secure Monte Cassino, the linchpin of the Germans’ Gustav Line set up t
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