Please visit my new website for Tours in Anzio Beachhead:  Anzio Battlefield Tours The Battle of Anzio was a nightmarish. In Its pure awfulness it stands comparison of any other italian battle of the Italian campaign. Over four months the Allies lost 7,000 killed and 36,000 wounded or missing (totalling one third of the total VI Corps strength) and a further 44,000 non-battle casualties who were hospitalised due to injuries and sick
1943 -1944 ROME OPEN CITY: the German occupation of Rome.
The drammatic story of Rome under the German occupation (11 September 1943 to 4 June 1944) In the days leading up to Italy’s surrender, the government that had deposed Mussolini had declared Rome an “Open City” – a demilitarized zone, harmless and thus a measure to preserve its countless wonders from the ruins of war. Reaffirmed but not respected by the German occupiers and consequently the Allies, this open city would from the outset
DAY TRIP FROM CASSINO: the Royal Palace of Caserta
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997The Royal Palace of Caserta, built by the architect Vanvitelli in 1752 for the Bourbon kings of Naples.The Palace served as the hub of the Fifth Army rest center. The adjoining barracks, which lately housed Fascist airmen now provided quarters for the GI's. Operas were held in the Palace theatre, and other marble-columed rooms became servicemen's clubs.On 29th April 1945 the German signed  t
DAY TRIP FROM CASSINO: The Lost City of Pompeii
PRIVATE TOUR OF POMPEII WITH ENTRANCE SKIP THE LINELost for centuries after being buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, Pompeii is today one of the world’s most famous – and fascinating – archaeological sites.  Discover with us with 4 hours guided tour (instead of the classical 2 hours) hidden parts of the city for a complete in-depth experience.HIGHLIGHTS:Pick up at your accommodation, pleasent ride in a comfortable Mercedes van eq
DAY TRIP FROM CASSINO: Herculaneum-Ercolano
HerculaneumPompeii's less famous neighbor is still revealing her secrets. For three days in August of 79 AD, death rained down on the Roman towns surrounding Mount Vesuvius, as the volcano’s epic eruption laid waste to everything in its path.uried a few days after Pompeii, the small but wealthy village of Herculaneum, on the north side of the volcano, had more time to panic and evacuate than its more famous neighboring city.The eruption ev
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