BREAKING THE HITLER LINE: Maple Leaf Tour, the Canadians in the Liri Valley
In May 1944, Canadian soldiers fought one of the bloodiest battles of World War II as they cleared the way through the Liri Valley enabling the Allies to take Rome. By May 18, the Polish Corps had taken the Abbey of Monte Cassino, the anchor of the German Gustav Line, enabling the British 8th Army and supporting Allied forces, led by the First Canadian Infantry Division and British and Canadian tanks on May 23, to smash the Adolf Hitler
ANDER'S ARMY TOUR: *** For Our Freedom and Yours
The men and women of Ander's Army opened to Rome to Rome and the freedom of Europe in May 1944. The story of the men and women of the Second Polish Corps starts with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany on 1st September 1939. Two weeks later,  Poland was also invaded by URSS, about one million Polish civilians and military were deported  to Syberia. In June 1941, Hitler attacked the USSR, breaking his non-aggression with the
KIWIS in the battles for Cassino
New Zealand had a major role in two of the four battles for the liberation of Cassino, its contribution ought to be remembered and passed on to the future generations. Out of  343 New Zealanders killed in actions were included a  a disproportionate number of 28 (Maori) Battalion. In an early attack on the railway in the town, Maori suffered 130 casualties out of the 200 who set out.New Zealand forces, including the Mao
34th Infantry Division: The RED BULLS & NISEI in Cassino & Anzio
Red Bulls in the Italian Campaign 1943 - 1944Following the footsteps of the 34 Division Red Bulls from Piedimonte Matese where they started the long advance to Cassino, to Anzio and Rome. Learn about the 100 battallion formed by Nisei, Japanase Americans and their heroic assults during the first battle of Cassino.  Learn about their attack on the hilly mountains of Cassino up to the breakout to Rome through the Alban hills.Personalised Battlefie
The Devils Brigade (also know has Black Devil)  was a joint World War II American-Canadian commando unit trained at Fort Harrison near Helena, Montana in the United States. The Black Devils were formed in 1942 and the 1,800 strong force was primarily made up of volunteers who were previously lumberjacks, forest rangers, hunters and game wardens. The First Special Service Force was officially activated on July 20, 1942 under the com
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