The Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial in Nettuno.

"They died there valiantly and heroically, giving their lives that people of Europe might be liberated from Tyranny. They rest tranquil and secure in the friendly soil of Italy. May our great debt to them, and all others who died in the cause of freedom, serve as an inspiration to all peoples to dedicate themselves to freedom and lasting peace" - President Dwight D. Eisenhower's. Message at the dedication of the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. 

The Sicily-Rome American cemetery is located in Nettuno. The government of Italy granted use of this land in perpetuity as permanent burial ground without charge and it is maintained by the American Monument Battle Commission. It is the largest of two permanent World War II Military cemetery in Italy a In this 77-acre World War II burial ground are the remains of  7,861 American men and women who died in the battle of Sicily, Salerno, Monte Cassino, Anzio and Rome. The wall of missing honors  the memory of 3,095 missing in action. If you are staying in Rome the Sicily Rome American a visit to the American Cemetery in Nettuno should be a must visit site to pay respect to the fallen American soldiers. Here is a documentary about the American involvement and contribution in the  Italian Campaign 1943-1945.