Salerno to Rome Tour

From Salerno to Rome: following advance of the 5th American Army from the landing in Salerno on 9th September 1943 to the Liberation of Rome on 4th June 1944. I will be pleased to customize your tour if you wish to follow the footsteps of your father, grandfather or specific unit. 

We will visit some of the most controversial battlefields like Cassino and Anzio, monuments, war memorials combined with spectacular scenery, historical places such as the temple of Paestum dated to the VI century BC, Pompeii, any other additional sites you wish to include. You will ride in a comfortable Mercedes van equipped with multimedia to watch documentaries and footage of the battles. 

DAY 1 . Salerno beach head - Paestum - Altavilla Silentina (point 424)

DAY 2 - San Pietro Infine - Rapido River - Monte Cassino - Cassino war Cemetery

DAY 3 - Anzio Beach Head - American Cemetery - The port of Anzio - WW2 Museum 

  • Additional activities and extension in Rome available
  • Guided tours to Pompeii, Paestum available
  • Mercedes van and driver 
  • All entrance tickets skip the line
  • personalized itinerary according to your interests and timeframe

For further information and bookings, please email: WhatsApp: +39 338 2458831