From Texas to Rome a WWII Journey following the footsteps of the 36th Texas Division with Maj. General Patrick M. Hamilton

My WWII Tour with Major General Patrick M. Hamilton, 36th Texas Division Commander

I was honored to be chosen as his personal guide, by Major General Patrick M. Hamilton who commanded the 36th Texas Division from September 2017 to November 2021 to visit the battlefields from Salerno to Rome. 

Former Commander tours WWII battles from Salerno to Anzio

As a former Commanding General of the 36th Infantry Division I had researched different guides and was certain Dr. Bracaglia had the technical battle knowledge. We were very impressed that she not only was a great battlefield historian, but is also an archeologist and an Italian historian which allowed her to put many of the battlefield sites into perspective. Then we got another surprise and found out she is a sommelier which was wonderful as we enjoyed restaurants from Paestum to Anzio. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to understand the battles, the people, and the culture of Italy. Fantastic trip!

Maj. General Patrick M. Hamilton 

Review of my battlefield tour from Salerno to Rome by Maj. General Patrick M. Hamilton