Monte Cassino Battlefields

led by Dr Danila Bracaglia, historian and fully licensed tour guide.In the last 20 years I have been leading battlefield tours following the footsteps of the Allied forces in the Italian campaign 1943-1945. My background is a Masters in History followed by WW2 studies specializing in the the Italian Campaign of WWII. I will be honored to put my experience and expertise at your disposal to follow the route of your relative or a specific unit. BOOK one of our tours and you will be on for a memorable experience. Among our clients are the National WWII Museum of New Orleans, the Academy of West Point and other relevant Military Organizations including NATO. Dr Danila Bracaglia was selected by the BBC as Historical Consultant for battle of Monte Cassino and is an active member of the Italy Star Association. I have led WW2 tours for the Senior Historian Prof. Robert Citino, WW2 writer Alex Kershaw and have organized memorial tours for veterans and their families. If you are interested in following a particular unit, battle or family footsteps, please, contact me. I will be pleased to do research to find out more about your relative's unit

Personalized WWII Tours

  • Tracing the 1943-1944 route of a particular unit
  • Follow the footsteps of specific unit
  • Arranging access to places not open to the public
  • Researching about a specific battle or action
  • Multimedia presentations on our Mercedes van

    San Pietro Infine: the Ghost Town

    The Caves of San Pietro by Susan Gayle, a book every American should read!

    Historical Consultant for BBC