Canadian Battlefield Tour - Monte Cassino - Hitler Line - Liri Valley

If you want a tour that visits all the main sites in Canadian sectors in the battle of Monte Cassino, the Hitler line and the Liri Valley, then this is the tour for you! I am happy to customize it according to your specific interest and timeframe. Once onboard, you will be transported in a modern air conditioned van to visit the key locations of the Canadian battlefields. You will have lasting memories of your visit including, walking the grounds of the poignant Cassino war cemetery.

The Canadians in the battle of Cassino and the Liri Valley

We will pick you up from your Cassino Hotel or at the Cassino train station. Full day private tour (about 7-8 hours). 

  • Monte Cassino Abbey 
  • The Commonwealth Cemetery 
  •  Breaking the HItler Line from  Pontecorvo - to Aquino including the memorials
  • Visiting the remaining of a Bunker in the Hitler Line
  • Melfa River Crossing and the site of the Victoria Cross awarded to Capt. Mahony, Westminster Regiment of Canada. 
  • War Museum on the Liri Valley
  • Ceprano, Torrice Crossroads and Frosinone

 Further info and bookings: - WhatsApp: +39 338 2458831.