GO FOR BROKE TOUR! NISEI, the purple heart battallion.

You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice, and you have won,”

100th Infantry battallion/442 Combat RCT was the most decorated battallion in US Army in WW2, The Purple Heart Battallion

I had the honor to be the personal guide of Julia Kennedy, daughter of Lyn Crost, war correspondant of the Nisei who had such a great admiration for them and I will be happy to share my first hand information, with relatives of veterans or anyone who has interest to learn more about the 100th Infantry/442nd Combat RCT in Italy

It was the most decorated battallion in US Army, also known  as the purple heart Battallion

In this personalized tou, that will be planned according to your timeframe and requests,  you will discover the hardest battles in Italy, following the footsteps of true heroes and learning about the deeds in WW2.

For personal itinerary and information please email me: Dr Danila Bracaglia 

"They have been my friends for the past half century. If I were hurt  or in desperate need, they would be there still - I know that. For they are among the most faithful, the most caring and yet the most modest in light of what they have done..."  

Honor by Fire, Lyn Crost, war correspondant in WW2 of the Nisei.