TRAVEL SAFE WITH US! Your safety is our Priority! Anti-Covid19 Sanitation Procedures for our Mercedes Van.



Always in frontline for your safety. 

Our Mercedes van is equipped with a large monitor, multimedia, wi-fi and updated to anti Covid-19 procedures as the Italian Laws requires. 

It is exclusively used only for the battlefield tours and it is not a personal car/vehicle. It will be equipped with a glass between the guests and  staff (guide and driver). 

At the moment it is hard to predict when the international tourists will be able to travel again.

We hope in 2021 will be a safer period for you to travel but in the meantime we are working behind the lines  updating the safety procedures according to EU laws. Our Mercedes 9 seater Mercedes van used ONLY for the battlefields and not for personal use. It will be be sterilized with  an electronic control ozone generator used to purify and sanitize the indoor air, destroying viruses and bacteria. 

Our guests will have at disposal masks, gloves, hand-sterilisers. 

 Whether you will tour with us or not,  make sure you are safe. It is your right to be protected.