THE DISASTER OF THE RAPIDO.All Texas should remember the Rapido as they remember the Alamo.We remember and honour their sacrifice! On 20th January 1944, 74 years ago today, the 36th Infantry division formed from the Texas National Guard, was front and center in one of the bloodiest and most tragic episodes for the U.S Army in World War II. The unit was part of the Alli
Kamal Ram Gurjar - Youngest Indian to Receive the highest british military honor Victoria Cross by King George VI in Italy on 26th July 1944.
During the Winter 1943 when the Germans strategically retreated north of Naples, they destroyed all bridges to slow down the Allies. During the last battle  of Cassino, 11th to 18th May 1944, the 8th Indian division succeeded in placing two bridges over the river south of Sant' Angelo.On 12 May 1944, 3/8 Punjabis, the right-hand battalion, had been ordered as a first task to secure the line of the lateral road, thereafter striking for Point
The Canadians in the Italian campaign: The Battle of the Melfa River, Liri Valley
The Battle of the Melfa River & the heroic deeds of Maj John Mahony VCAfter the fall of the Gustav line and the liberation of Monte Cassino the Canadians were ordered to advance through the Liri Valley and break the last german defensive line: the Adolf Hitler Line.If you visit the Liri Valley where the breakthrough and breakout occurred, the challenges faced by the Canadians will be readily apparent. The town of Aquino located some 6 miles north
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